Grants For First Home Buyers Are Underway

12th Oct, 2013

It has been a long awaited change, but today is the day that first home buyers are entitled to the $10,000 grant sum for houses that are 'newly' constructed in Western Australia. 

New Home Buyers Grant Amounts

For home buyers of an already built house they are still entitled to a grant sum but for a less significant amount of $3,000. Previously both of these home purchases were eligible for a $7,000 grant sum, so there has been some pretty significant adjustments to the previous structure.

Why The Change?

One of the key reasons for this change in the grant sums has been down to the states housing shortage. By encouraging new home buyers to opt for a newly constructed home, this helps to ease the housing shortage.

Moreover it is very good for the economy as it gives some momentum to the home buying market, home building companies and house and land package companies. It is also a very good thing for new home owners as it allows them to build a home that suits their specific needs right from the start.

By assisting new home buyers to get on to the property market in the current climate is definitely a positive thing, so many people are welcoming these new home grants as an extremely positive step.


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